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I receive so many emails asking what colour psychology is, what’s it all about and how can I learn more about it.

Usually I point them in the direction of my Advanced Colour Group Course, which has just had its summer launch (exciting!), but that’s not always an option.

So I’ve decided to do something special – offer one of the modules from the course – Introduction to Colour Psychology, as a standalone offering so that you can access the information you’ve been asking me for at an affordable price and in a way that can easily fit into a busy schedule.

This module will help you begin to understand what colour psychology is truly all about and how easy it is to start implementing straight away in your design business. It will also help you to become a leader in your field – colour is coming to the forefront in the design world now and one of the things I love about colour psychology is it supports and enhances your intuition so you can create even more amazing results for your clients.

Results like increased well-being in the home and in healthcare environments, promoting positive behaviour in the workplace and attracting ideal customers in business and making those all-important sales. 

This module will also help you to see that rather than being an afterthought or just another design feature, colour is actually at the very core of amazing design – not to mention happy clients and customers.

What’s included in this comprehensive course
Over a series of 8 (eight) tutorial videos we’ll be focusing on:

  • Understanding the ways we relate to colour
  • Clarifying and dispelling the confusion between colour symbolism, colour association and colour psychology and some examples of their impact on everyday colour decisions
  • We’ll be getting a background knowledge of the evolution of colour psychology
  • Introducing the concept of psychological primaries and their behavioural effects
  • The psychological properties of the 11 main colours, tonal variations and their effects
  • Discovering why there’s no such thing as a neutral colour
  • Why the trend for adding ‘pops of colour’ is likely to be just plastering over an underlying problem
  • And finally an exercise tying all of this together and carry you through the entire module
  • PLUS you’ll also receive a bonus video on Connecting Your Client to Colour especially designed for those clients who are scared of colour or worried about getting it wrong and for those who reject every colour suggestion you make
  • Group call for those who book before Friday 5th August 17:00 (UK Time) 
  • There’s also an Additional Resources section curated for you covering areas in this module with links to books, videos and articles to delve even deeper into the fascinating world of colour psychology.

And to support your learning you’ll receive

  • A comprehensive workbook which includes exercises, activities and case studies to help you embed the learning and double as a quick reference tool to.

What You’ll Learn:

  • How colour psychology works, what it is and how you can use it in your business
  • The psychological meaning behind the 11 main colours, which will give you insights into why clients may have unexpected reactions to your colour schemes
  • How to identify why your client has particular colour preferences and be able to explain to them the likely impact their choices will have on their thoughts, feelings and behaviours, which can help you avoid those frustrating back and forth debates!
  • Why there’s no such thing as a neutral colour
  • How the trend for ‘pops of colour’ is often just plastering over an underlying problem.

If you want to start immersing yourself in the world of colour psychology and begin to see just how much it could impact not only your clients, but your business too, then head over here to take advantage of the special launch offer.

How it works
Within 48 hours of purchasing you’ll receive access to the complete online Introduction to Colour Psychology module, which is comprised of nine easily digestible tutorial videos. As it’s all online, you can watch and re-watch the videos whenever it suits you, so you can fit it in around your lifestyle, your work and family life.

As a special bonus, those who sign up for the module before today – Friday 5th August 17:00 (UK time), will receive access to a live Q&A call where you can ask me any questions you have from the module. Here’s just a few of the typical questions I address on calls like these:
What if my client rejects every colour scheme I suggest?
What if my client insists on using a colour just because it’s on trend?
What can I do with a colour scheme that just doesn’t seem to work?

This module can definitely help if you:

  • are a designer and work in the design industry such as: interiors, textiles, product design, branding, graphic design, architecture, retail or healthcare
  • have always be curious about colour psychology
  • want to communicate better with your clients about colour
  • up till now haven’t had the time or the finance to invest in a full course
  • aspire to be a leader in the design industry in colour

If you’re tired of your client’s saying no to whatever you show them even though it was what they asked for and are looking for ways to move beyond the subjective colour debates, then head over here to grab the module.

The special launch offer price ends this Sunday 7th August 18:00 (UK time)

If you have any questions I’d be happy to answer them, just pop me an email and I’ll reply to you personally.


When I first started this course and people asked what I was doing, they looked at me with bemusement, yet wanted to know more.

 I would begin to tell them and from that I found myself with 3 new clients chomping at the bit to have me consult for their homes.
– Lucy Curtis (painter & decorator, colour consultant)


Introduction to Colour Psychology special launch offer_Karen Haller

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