Kolormondo 3D puzzle… there’s a new colour tool in town

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Karen Haller

Kolormondo 3D puzzle.

I do love social media. The wonderful like minded people you connect with from all corners of the globe.  Yesterday I received a colourful surprise in the post from Nicoline Kinch, creator of Kolormondo 3D puzzle. She recently found me on facebook, liked what she saw and sent me one of her 3D colour puzzles, all the way from Sweden.   How sweet was that!

Find out what motivated Nicoline to design and create this.

(Day 8 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

Up until I was 50 years old, I understood NOTHING about colour: “Why did a brown blouse not go well with my brown skirt????” “The colour circle seemingly has all the colours –  but where is pink?? And brown??”

It was very annoying. Finally, painting the colour star of Itten and realizing it could be put together to form a globe, I almost flipped. When I then learned it could be cut in any direction, since it would hold the less saturated colours within until they all met in the “middle grey” middle, I did not sleep for 2 months!  WHY is this not common knowledge???? WHY was it that even people that work with colour professionally, seemed to be unaware of this?? So in short, the way and the purpose of Kolormondo is to give other people the same feeling of “aha” and  a basic tool for colour understanding, matching and orientation.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle - ready to assemble.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle | unpacking my puzzle, ready to assemble.

Everybody loves colour and everybody is influenced by colour, although we are mostly unaware of it. Colour is taken for granted, despite the complexity of the subject.

Kolormondo increases knowledge and understanding and thus influences how you dress, how you decorate your home, how you interpret a piece of art, how you choose the logo for your company – and it also enables everyday colour communication. Instead of using terms like hue and saturation, you can explain a particular colour by using “ in/out” and “up/down”. Our tagline is “Colours made simple”.

Kolormondo is aimed at everybody, just like a globe is aimed at everybody. People have a globe on their desk or in their window, because it is pretty, because it contains so much information and in particular because it represents important information. The same thing goes with Kolormondo.  You cannot understand the world from a flat map, and you cannot understand the world of colours from flat colour charts.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle - assembled.

Kolormondo 3D puzzle | My fully assembled colour globe!

Want to buy one?
Kolormondo 3D puzzle can be bought online at http://kolormondo.shop.textalk.se/. You will notice it is in Swedish. You may have a translate this page option on your browser or,  Nicoline is happy for you to send her an email with your order to [email protected].

There is an app which is free of charge in App Store (just let her know if you want to be on the waiting list for the Android version) and a web application is coming soon.

I’m really exciting that I will be meeting Nicoline on November 30th as she is flying to London especially for the colour event held by the Colour Group (GB) ‘Colour for Business and the Professions’ which I will be speaking at. Again the power of social media.

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Images: Karen Haller

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