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Karen Haller
international podcast day 2022

Today, Friday 30th September, is International Podcast Day. A celebration of the power of podcasts. 

So to celebrate, I thought I’d share with you some of my favourite podcasts that I’ve been interviewed on. Colourful podcasts ranging from wellbeing in the home, business branding, the many challenges of starting my business, and even a podcast on the many legal pitfalls in running a business.

There are lots of raw, honest stories shared, insights, advice and laughs.

So take a scroll down and see which ones pique your interest. Settle in with a cuppa or listen while you’re in the car or out walking.

Designed for Wellbeing Podcast – The Power of Colour

international podcast day 2022 design for welling podcast

I chat with Philippa and Tom Charrier from FAT Properties how colour influences our mood and behaviour, including how people can be manipulated through colour!

We discuss how colour can be used by property developers and investors in homes and offices to improve wellbeing, increase productivity, and achieve higher sale prices, occupancy and revenue.

You can listen to the podcast here: Designed for Wellbeing Podcast.

The Interior Design Business Podcast – All About Colour

international podcast day 2022 the interior design business podcast 1

This was an interesting podcast as it was done in front of a live audience of designers at the amazing Roca London Gallery in Chelsea Harbour.

This was a panel discussion which included Marianne Shillingford, Creative Director of Dulux, Susie Rumbold (former BIID President), myself and chaired by Jeff Hayward of Wildwood PR.

We discussed ow colour works, its innate power to change human behaviour, happiness and well-being, along with how interior designers can harness the positive virtues of colour in their work.

Marianne and I also answer questions from the audience as part of a lively discussion which Susie stated was “packed with insight and intelligence”.

You can listen to the podcast here: The Interior Design Business Podcast.

The Mojo Podcast – Find Your True Colours

international podcast day 2022 the mojo podcast

The Mojo Podcast is hosted by executive and business coach Richard Stokes and our discussion focused on that time, where many of us find ourselves, in mid-transition or considering big change. In my case, it was a career change and my story centres around ‘just keep going’ even when things get difficult. And they certainly got difficult as I was forced to face my own fears and created a ‘thing’ than no one understood, let along heard of.

So if you’re considering a big move, I share my mantra of ‘if not now, when?’ and my encouragement to say yes to opportunities and to find the confidence to do this. To draw on strengths from all areas of your life to find your true colours and your true north.

You can listen to the podcast here: The Mojo Podcast.

Women on a Mission Podcast – If Not Now, When?

international podcast day 2022 women on a mission podcast

I chat to the wonderful executive coach Sue Revell on her Women on Mission podcast. And if you only listen to this podcast for her liquid gold voice, I’ll understand.

If you know me, you’ll know I’m on a mission and we discuss how I started a new career, in a subject area that no-one really understood, and then a global recession hits.

Did I give up even though my chosen mentors at the time told me it was time to give in and get a job? Instead of giving up, I share what I did instead, and what got me through when no-one else believed what I knew to be true.

You can listen to the podcast here: Women on a Mission Podcast.
And what Sue does that is unique, is her round up mini podcast where she looked back on our discussion and pulled out 7 key lessons. You can listen to that here.

Brand Tuned Podcast – Colour Psychology for Business Branding

international podcast day 2022 brand tuned podcast

In this episode, I discuss with podcast host, Shireen Smith, a lawyer whose focus is on IP law, colour psychology for business branding. I share my perspective on how colour can be used in branding to reflect the true personality of a brand, from the inside, out.

We also discuss what happens if a brand is not aligned with their brand colours, finding the right colours for a brand and my thoughts on McDonald’s use of green as part of their brand colour palette.

This podcast is a video so you can watch it on YouTube over here: Brand Tuned Podcast

Ignite Your Confidence Podcast – The Power of Persistence

international podcast day 2022 ignite your confidence podcast 1

Karen Laos, a confidence coach for women in leadership, is the host of Ignite Your Confidence podcast. We discuss the challenge many of us face, as Karen puts it “being held hostage to colour trends”. We chat how we can step into the freedom to embrace colours that give us life.

I also share my story of persistence and as Karen so eloquently puts it, I let my “trail-blazing heart” help me to “carve out the profession” I always desired, “but didn’t know existed until later in life”.

You can listen to the podcast here: Ignite Your Confidence Podcast.
It’s also available on YouTube to watch here: Ignite Your Confidence Podcast

What’s The Worst That Can Happen Podcast

international podcast day 2022 whats the worst that can happen podcast

On this podcast, hosted by Richard Branson’s former lawyer, Suzanne Dibble, we discuss the legal issues and concerns in my business journey, especially when it comes to Intellectual Property. 

I share some the valuable lessons I’ve learned over the years including which party should present the contract first, as well as the value of slowing things down during negotiations.

I also share my recent experience of what happens when you transfer a large sum of money to the wrong business account … and the recipient then goes into liquidation!

You can listen to the podcast here: What’s The Worst That Can Happen Podcast.

I hope that you enjoyed listening or watching the podcasts and that you found a nugget that you’re able to bring into your professional life or to avoid making my mistakes. I’d love to hear what your take away which you can pop in the comments box below.

Wishing you a colourful day!


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