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Karen Haller

Are your client’s colour questions tying you in knots?

Learn how to get your clients excited about colour again


After the success of running the “Get Your Clients Excited about Colour Again!” masterclass last November I’ve decided to run it again next week and you’re invited!

For those of you who…

  • Feel limited in what you can create by your clients’ resistance to using colour?
  • Find your clients keep saying ‘no’ to your colour choices, no matter what colour combinations you show them (even if it’s exactly what they asked for)?
  • Would love to be able to guide and support your clients to make colour choices that really work for them rather than playing it safe?

… then I highly recommend you come to this free online masterclass.

In this 90 minute masterclass you will learn:

  • The three ways we relate to colour – this will give you a deeper insight into why your clients are nervous about colour, and help you tap into what they really want and need
  • Three simple steps to overcoming your clients’ resistance to colour. Follow this and you can get even the most challenging clients excited about using colour in their designs
  • A new way of working with colour that not only enhances your innate colour intuition but enables you to have repeatable, consistent results every time
  • And I’ll be sharing the most common myths that prevent you from getting the best out of your colour schemes.

I’ll be sharing plenty of tips you can put into practice straight away to help you in your business and I’ll be sharing how you can learn more about this fascinating topic if you’d like to.

AND I’ll also be leaving time at the end to answer your questions.

 To join me next Tuesday or Thursday and start learning how to get your clients more excited about colour click on the register button below and I look forward to grab your spot and I look forward to connecting with you soon.


One of the things my clients and students love about applied colour psychology is the ability to balance science and intuition to get amazing results.

In this online masterclass you’ll see how rather than being an afterthought or just another design feature, colour is actually at the very core of amazing design – not to mention happy clients.

I really can’t wait to share my passion for colour with you, so book your place by clicking on the button below.

There’s an evening and a lunchtime slot to choose from so you can pick a time that suits you best.



I look forward to you joining me!

Karen x

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