colour psychology… the meaning of blue

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Colour psychology - meaning of blue.

It’s the colour of the sky, our seas and oceans. We are literally surrounded by blue. And if blue is your favourite colour you’re certainly not alone.  Time and time again research shows blue to be the world’s most favourite colour.

positive psychological qualities of blue
Blue relates to the mind, the intellect. We associate it with logic, communication, trust, integrity and efficiency. It also represents calm, reflection and serenity.

As blue affects us mentally, the intensity of the tone affects us differently. Strong blues tones aids focused thought, whereas the lighter blues tones help calm the mind and aids in restful sleep.

negative psychological qualities of blue
Too much blue or surrounding yourself with the wrong tone in combination with other colours and you could find yourself feeling and coming across as aloof, cold and uncaring.

most visible colour at night
Have you noticed how ambulance, police and fire engine sirens are blue? This is because it’s the most visible colour at night. Again it’s down to using the right tone of blue.

colour psychology - blue light.

many tones of blue
There are many tones of blue from light sky blue through to midnight blue and the many tones in between such as powder blue, duck egg  blue, sapphire, royal blue,  cornflower blue, indigo, navy and teal, just to name a few.  

Do you have a favourite blue? How does blue make you feel?

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