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Karen Haller
Bright thinking - Ripple Bathroom and Sunpipe.

Ripple Bathroom and Sunpipe as seen on the roof

With summer drawing to a close, here are some quick and simple ways how to ensure you can still bring light into your home.

The most perfect light to bring into any room is natural light.  This can be done as simply as throwing open the curtains or blinds and letting the light flood in.

If you have a room without windows such as a bathroom, this needn’t be a reason for not having a bright, light room. Think about installing a sunpipe, which allows natural light to flood in even on a cloudy day.

The next best thing to natural light is to use daylight bulbs which mimic as closely as possible the qualities of natural light.

Bright thinking - rooms using light colours and mirrors to reflect light.

Use of colour and mirrors to create light.

Equally, light can be brought into the room with the use of colour.  Look for hues that are at the lighter end of the colour palette whether that is a tint, tone or shade.

Mirrors are a really simple yet effective way to increase the level of light.  They reflect light back into a room, creating the illusion of space.

Not only do we feel energised and healthy living with natural light, it’s also a great way to reduce our electricity bills as well as being kind to our planet.

Enjoy basking in the light!

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