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How exciting, London Design Week is almost upon us. When London immerses itself in all things design, attracting creative minds from around the world.

I’ve been busy working behind the scenes on the 100% Design colour talks programme. I can’t believe it was back in March, by a chance meeting at another colour event (Sean Rogg’s founder of The Waldorf Project with his sensory and intriguing Chapter Two: ‘Colour’) when I met the lovely Claire Barrett from Caro Communications.

It was definitely one of those serendipity moments, right place right time. We instantly bonded over our love of colour and when Claire mentioned she was putting together a colour talks programme and was looking for a colour expert to work with, I remember thinking this is not the time to be shy. Bursting with excitement I just blurted out ‘I’ll work with you!’ ‘Pick me!’


I saw this as being a fantastic opportunity to collaborate with Claire to curate a colour talks programme that took the science, the theory of colour and put it into a series of talks that focuses on what happens next – the actual application of colour and the effect it is on us.

Tapping into a world of colour
I think it’s safe to say we’re all familiar with colour trends, an area that’s so well explored.  However there’s a whole world of colour people might not even know exists. And that’s what this series of colour talks aims to tap into…

Pooling together our contacts, we’ve brought together a diverse range of colour specialists and scientists, design industry experts and artists to discuss, debate and challenge how we think, feel and use colour and the role that colour psychology, colour symbolism, personal colour preferences and other colour theories plays in our everyday lives.

Are you chromophobic?
One panel discussion I’m particularly looking forward to is ‘What’s wrong with white?’ Last year at Clerkenwell Design Week I did a talk under this headline inspired by the number of architects who, when I say I specialise in applied colour psychology their reply would be, you guessed it – ‘what’s wrong with white’.  In my talk I looked at the duality of colour – how architects are typically drawn to the positive psychological affects of white, whilst most people who use the space (home, hospital, well-being) usually, over time will feel the negative affects.

Loving the title, Claire wanted to come from a different angle and examine do architects really suffer from chromophobia – a fear of colour, with many avoiding it, or applying it as an afterthought?

If you want to join me in the audience for what I believe will be a really lively debate it’s on Thursday at 12:15 (don’t forgot to register first – it’s free).

Colour curious?
Come join us at 100% Design held this year at London Olympia, September 23-26. Check out the full colour talks programme.

Where you can find me
I’m not only excited to help co-curate the talks but to also be asked to take part in two talks.

Topic: What does the colour of your brand say? 
Format: panel discussion
Date: Friday 25th September
Time: 12:15

Topic: How to be more colour confident with your home design
Format: interactive talk
Date: Saturday 26th September
Time: 12:15

You’ll need to register, good news it’s for free!

I’m excited to hear from other colour and industry professionals, so I’ll be camping out for the entire four days of talks.

If you see me there, do come over and say hi!

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