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Karen Haller
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Target Ovarian Cancer Wellbeing Roadshow.

Thursday (25th Nov) saw my colour colleague and I hold two workshops for Target Ovarian Cancer as part of their Wellbeing Roadshow. The theme for our workshops was ‘The Power of Colour, Looking Good & Feeling Great!’

The workshops were design to give the ladies an understanding of what colour psychology is and how this differs from cultural colour meanings. How no matter what the cultural meaning a colour may have, its psychological meaning still holds true.

Ovarian Cancer Wellbeing Roadshow - Presenter Janet Best.

Janet shows how nature uses colour to communication, a way to signal to others.

Ovarian Cancer Wellbeing Roadshow - Presenter Karen Haller.

Karen shows how colour signals from nature have been translated into our everyday life.

The ladies saw how colour can be used to support them no matter how they feel or what mood they are in, showing there is a colour for every occasion. We showed the effects of how wearing colours in your right colour family makes you feel and how others respond to you.

The overall message was to always remember the most important part of your colour scheme is YOU!

It was a great day which the ladies all thoroughly enjoyed and we felt privileged to be a part of.

If you would like to donate to this worthy cause please to go Target Ovarian.

If you would like to know more about how to book a colour workshop, lecture or talk please email Karen.

About the speakers
Janet Best from Colour Diversity is a world renowned specialist in Colour Technology, Colour Science & Colour Management having worked for many leading retailers. She is also a teacher in Applied Colour Psychology. Janet teaches colour at leading universities, as well as conducting lectures and workshops.

Karen Haller specialises in Applied Colour Psychology and Holistic Interior Design. She helps business owners to communicate their brand’s authentic business personality in colour, further strengthening their marketing message. For her private clients she is able to translate their personality in colour and create their interior design scheme.

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