wan colour in architecture awards 2017 is now open…

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Karen Haller

Hot on the heels of the WAN colour in architecture award winner for 2016 being announced, WAN have opened up entries for the 2017 awards.

In the past the entry has been at the end of the year and then judging and award giving early the following year, which is why the 2016 winner was announced end of February this year.

But this year they’re doing things a bit differently.

Entry into the awards is now open until 30th June 2017 and later this year the winners will be announced.

Being part of the 2016 judging panel it was inspiring to see that colour is gaining recognition as a valued part of the design process and to see architects using colour to enhance the well-being of a space. The standard of entries showed we’re really moving in the right direction to using colour for positive change in the built environment.

I’m just thrilled to be asked back a second time as a WAN Awards judge for this colour in architecture 2017 awards. I just love that the number of architects that love colour. Gone are the days when white was their default colour of choice. It still is for many, but year on year I see the love of colour growing…

So if you’re an architect or know one who loves, embraces and uses colour in their designs, let them know about these awards.

Remember, if you want to enter you’ll need to be quick as entries close 30th June!

WAN Awards 2017 Jury
WAN Awards 2016 winner

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