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Karen Haller 01
Karen Haller
Wall stickers - birds from Spin Collective & quote from Brumebasics.

Source - Brumebasics and Spin Collective

Looking for a way to personalise your wall with little expense? Have you thought of wall stickers?

You’ll find many online stores offering a vast array of stickers to suit all personality styles, whether they are images, quotes or words.   If you are after something specific they’ll even custom make it for you.

They come in an extensive range of colours to suit your tonal colour scheme.

Wallsticker – birds on a wire. This will open a new browser window.

How cute would these birds on a wire look in a teenage bedroom.

Wallsticker - silver tree. This will open a new browser window.

Wall stickers can add interest to a bathroom wall.

Wallsticker - night owls. This will open a new browser window.

Night Owls - Funky wall stickers.

Wallsticker - crystal style chandlier. This will open a new browser window.

Crystal style chandlier wall sticker style.

What I love about wallstickers, if you feel like a change, all you have to do is peel them off and apply a new one!

Just make sure you check first that your wall surface and room conditions (e.g. bathroom, kitchen) are suitable. Most on-line stores have a FAQ section, provide how-to instructions and contact details for any further questions you may have.

Personalising your walls has never been easier.  The challenge is not to get lost for hours looking at all the possibilities!

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  1. Humayun Azad on March 9, 2013 at 11:46 am

    We can easily use wall art in our house. If we use it, our home never become old to us.

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