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Have you ever thought about where the next big thing comes from? Usually, it’s from the shadows. It’s been there all along, but it’s blended in with the scenery and no one has paid it any special attention.

But then something shifts and the spotlight gets turned on it – and its possibilities. It happens in fashion, architecture, and the world of interior design too.

Take lighting for instance. 20 years ago it was treated as an afterthought, as mere decoration, but now it’s considered an important design element in its own right, making specialist lighting designers a highly sought after skill.

Colour is going through a similar transformation.

Now colour, and applied colour psychology specifically, is on the brink of becoming the next specialism. A tremendous amount of research has been done and continues to be done into the impact of colour on the human psyche, and it’s this research that is fuelling the rise of colour as the new specialism. Yet, despite this growing body of knowledge, most colour experts and design professionals are still unaware of the breadth of possibilities that colour provides. (I’ll talk more about why this is in a minute.)

Colour is coming out of the shadows.

Where do you feel you are on your colour journey?

Are you just at the beginning or are you perhaps more established in working with colour and looking to enhance your colour knowledge?

If you’re like me, your initial colour training mainly focused on traditional colour wheel theory. Even now, 20 years on, not much has changed in mainstream curriculums. The colour wheel is where the topic starts and stops, which is why so few people are aware it is just the tip of the iceberg.

But that is changing. More and more design professionals are getting curious about colour and experiencing the same surprise and fascination as I did when they discover just how much more there is to learn.

But professionals aren’t the only ones cottoning on to the possibilities. Our clients are too.

You’ve probably noticed that clients expect more from us than ever. They are more demanding, sophisticated and savvy enough to ask what is it that we offer that’s different.

And in the current climate, knowing and being able to apply colour psychology is a huge differentiation. My in-depth understanding of colour is why many of my clients seek me out, and the design professionals who have gone through my advanced colour training course are finding their new knowledge is setting them apart from the crowd too.

It’s time to capitalise on colour.

Continual colour research is having a positive effect in raising the profile and understanding of all aspects and influences of colour. Eventually this will lead to a deeper teaching of colour in the interior design syllabus.

Until that time though, anyone who wants to get ahead of the game needs to do their own research or work with a mentor who can fast-track their skills and knowledge.

If you become one of the rare few to use applied colour psychology before it becomes the norm, your business will benefit because you will be able to provide the consistent, scientifically-backed results that clients are beginning to look and ask for.

And you’ll be able to do that because training in applied colour psychology allows you to:

  • Combine your colour intuition with the science of applied colour psychology to create consistent, reproducible results
  • Get the right results every time, no more guess work when choosing colour
  • Provide a scientifically-based rationale for your colour decisions (so no more endless, subjective debates)
  • Ensure businesses are sending out colour and branding messages that are aligned (which means they get better results)
  • Analyse the meaning behind your clients’ colour preferences, which is especially helpful for those who have a fear of using colour.

There is a new paradigm emerging when it comes to working with colour and it will transform the design industry. So the question is, do you want to be one of the professionals leading the way?

Do you want to discover the first step to using applied colour psychology?

[updated with latest webinar details]

To give you a sense of just how powerful applied colour psychology can be in understanding your clients relationship to colour, I’m going to be running an FREE online masterclass Tuesday 24th November ‘Get Your Clients Excited About Colour Again’.

In the masterclass I’ll share with you how to help your clients break free from their fears around colour and actually love it again, which not only makes your job easier, but results in happier clients too.

It’s going to be on…
UK – 8.00pm – 9.30pm Tuesday 24th November
New York – 3.00pm – 16:30pm Tuesday 24th November
Sydney/Melbourne – 7.00am – 8.00am Wednesday 25th November

Looking forward to ‘seeing’ you there!

Register for your place here.

Karen x



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  1. Dawn Scott on November 6, 2015 at 10:20 pm

    Hi Karen, Unfortunateky I was unable to make the Masterclass on Wednesday, but this is something I am extremely interested in. Is there a way to access a recording of the masterclass at all? I’d be happy to pay a contribution for this. Thanks Dawn

    • admin on November 17, 2015 at 11:21 am

      Hi Dawn,
      Apologies for not getting back to you sooner. I’m running another online masterclass November 24th so you have a chance to listen Live. If you sign up to my newsletter you’ll receive an email how to book your place and you also get a copy of my free colour e-book! Kx

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