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Karen Haller

Speaking at Constant Contact Marketing Reboot 2014.

If you run your own business and if you’re like me, it can sometimes feel like learning the skill of marketing is going to take a lifetime to master. If you want a day to work ON your business (rather than IN it) and help reboot your marketing, this is a brilliant one-day conference, featuring a series of sessions from some of Constant Contacts favourite marketing experts sharing their knowledge with you.

I was honoured to be asked by Constant Contact if I would be their ‘real life business case study’ to share how I use engagement marketing to promote my business on an ongoing basis.

I’ve listed the conference sessions below so you can see if this event is for you. Being one of their speakers they’ve given me a *special promo code to get your discounted ticket (scroll to end of this blog post). I’ll certainly be staying for the day to soak up as much as possible to implement into my business. I love the idea of being given a calendar template to write up my marketing plan for the year!

As promised here are the marketing experts and case studies…

Engagement Marketing – Tamsin Fox-Davies, Constant Contact Small Business Marketing Mentor
The best approach for marketing any small business. This is the strategy session that will put you on the right track. You’ll learn why customer relationships are your objective and how to create and sustain them.

You Are Your Best Marketing Tool – Annette Kramer, Presentation & Pitching Coach to the Stars
As a small business, you are the physical embodiment of your brand, and you need to be able to represent your business in the best possible way. Annette is the woman who can make sure you’re doing it.

Networking Masterclass – Jackie Groundsell, Networking Genius

How I Made It Work for Me – Karen Haller, Renowned Business Colour & Branding Expert
All this theory is great, but you want to know how a real business actually got their marketing to work for them. Karen has been featured on TV, radio, in the press, and worked on some very high profile campaigns – but she started from zero. Karen is going to share with you how she made it to where she is now and what she does to promote her business on an ongoing basis.

Making Your Website Work for You – James Brown, Small Business Website Specialist
Your website has to do more than just look good. It needs to work for you, get your site visitors to take action, and drive them towards becoming your customers. James will share with us the tricks of the website trade that every small business owner should know.

Social Media Essentials You Need to Know – David Duncan, Social Media Strategist
Social media is a wonderful free tool, but it’s easy to waste time in the social sphere with little result – if you’re not careful. David’s top tips will save you a lot of time and frustration as he shares with you the things he does for his customers on a daily basis.

Creating Great Content – Sam Bailey, Content & Community Manager
Having good channels to talk to people on is no good if you’ve not got anything to say. Constant Contact UK’s own Content & Community Manager, Sam Bailey, will show you exactly how to design and deliver the content that will create the ‘know, like and trust’ factor that you need to get people buying from you again and again.

Your 2014 Marketing Calendar – Tamsin Fox-Davies, Small Business Marketing Mentor
Now that you have great ideas for your marketing, it’s time to work out your marketing calendar. This is a vital step in your Marketing Reboot process, and in this session you’ll learn how to do it quickly and painlessly. We’ll even give you a calendar template to do it with!

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As a reader of my blog you won’t have to pay the full price of £28.00 which is already great value. By entering the *special promo code KAREN20 your ticket price to Marketing Reboot LIVE will be £20.00 for the full day including lunch. Bargain!
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Is this conference for you?
If you run or work in a small business, not-for-profit, or are a freelancer, solopreneur or have to do hands-on marketing on a regular basis, this event has been created just for you. Especially if

  • You want to start or improve the marketing that you do.
  • You recognise that a new year is a great time for a fresh start, and you want to make the most of that RIGHT NOW.
  • You like to get your information straight from the kinds of experts who have actually DONE what they’re teaching you to do (not those that learn only from books).
  • You have limited time available, so prefer your days to be action-packed.
  • You enjoy learning amongst your peers.
  • You like to feel a buzz in the room at events.
  • You want actionable tips and steps that you can take away – not just theory.
  • You know that the time is now.

Don’t forget to book your ticket and enter the *special promo code KAREN20 where your ticket price to Marketing Reboot LIVE will be only £20.00 for the full day including lunch. Bargain!

* In case you are wondering I’m not an affiliate and I’m not on commission. Constant Contact (as a thank you to me talking at this event) have very kindly given me this discount to pass onto my clients and blog readers.

Looking forward to seeing you there and do come up and say hi.


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