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Blog Post Re-ignite your business through colour

An American interior designer called me last week and she was sharing with me her colour journey which is reflective of so many designers I’ve been working with over the years.

She runs a very successful interior design business helping both private and corporate clients create spaces that not only resonate with their personality but support how they want to live and be.

However what she found herself doing was sticking to the same safe colour palette. Safe not just for her client but safe for her as well.

More and more she would hear her clients saying ‘I don’t like it’, ‘‘there’s something not right’. They were struggling to articulate their colour likes and dislikes and she found herself struggling to know how to respond other than ‘do you like this’ or ‘how about this?’.

She’d been a successful designer for years so realising she was in a bit of a rut really surprised her. When she thought about it further she realised she was in a colour comfort zone that was keeping her and her clients stuck.

She realised she had lost confidence and was playing it safe by delivering one size fits all designs which was killing her passion because she got into design to create amazing spaces for people not just cookie cutter solutions.

Feeling this way meant she stop herself branching out into new design areas such as wellness and healthcare where she felt she could really make a difference.

So like most people do, she started researching colour courses online and whilst finding dozens of courses on the colour wheel, the few she found on colour psychology appeared to focus on what she referred to as ‘pop psychology’ – very basic information and not enough substance that would boost her confidence and her business.

And then she came across my website, the lightbulb went on ‘this is what I was looking for’. A colour course with real substance that would give her the confidence and the depth and breadth of colour knowledge that would allow her to re-ignite not only her love for colour but her clients as well.

When she shared this with me on the call I was able to reassure her she wasn’t alone and I shared with her that many designers reach this place and some of the reasons were:

  1. When we do design training, we don’t just learn once and that’s it for life.
    No matter what industry or sector you work in – interior design, architecture, graphic, product or textile design if you want to grow and evolve your craft, you’ll always be learning and expanding your knowledge.
  1. We need to keep adapting as the world’s approach to colour evolves.
    Designers who take a holistic approach will want to keep adapting and as you get to know this new way of working your ability to design and create spaces that truly create the outer environment that reflects your clients’ personality and soul grows.
  1. The quickest way to get yourself out of a design or colour rut is to inspire yourself with new knowledge.

Sometimes it can feel a bit scary or overwhelming if you need to learn something new. But the truth is learning and growing is all part of growing a successful business and the best designers I know have been on a continual path of learning, they never stop learning.

Over to you
If you’re looking to breathe new life into your business, get yourself out of a rut and look for a new way to re-ignite your passion for colour then I’d love to invite you to a FREE online colour masterclass I’m running called “Get Your Clients Excited about Colour Again!”

I’m running this masterclass live on Tuesday and Thursday so you can pick which day and time suits you best.

Click on the date below to register your place.

Tuesday 7th June*
8.00pm – 9.30pm UK (3.00pm – 4:30pm New York)
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Thursday 9th June*
12.00pm – 1.30pm UK (7.00am – 8:30am New York)
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Can’t wait to ‘see’ you at the masterclass and help you feel re-inspired about colour.

Karen x




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