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It was a real thrill when a few months ago the British Institute of Interior Design approached me to become one of its industry partners.

The British Institute of Interior Design (BIID) is the pre-eminent professional organisation for interior designers in the UK, and as the industry body it continually strives to be forward thinking and help its members keep up with the pulse of everything that is changing in the industry.

Which is why they approached me.

Applied Colour Psychology is an area of specialism not currently covered within the BIID, so they asked me to come on board and create Continued Professional Development (CPD) lectures and workshops.

I’m incredibly honoured and excited to become an industry partner as I’m passionate about creating a colour revolution and the BIID is going to be a wonderful platform for me to reach more colour design professionals and really bring applied colour psychology into the mainstream.

I’m already in the process of creating my first series of CPD courses and they will be ready to go in the second half of the year (you can keep an eye out for them at

The BIID bringing me on board is a reflection of the fact that colour is evolving from being considered as mere decoration, an afterthought, to a powerful tool that can be used to affect positive behaviour and even well-being.

At present there is a gap out there in the knowledge of how to move from selecting colour based on personal preference and what ‘appeals’ to someone, to using a scientifically-based methodology to choose which colours will help achieve the desired positive outcome, which is the basis of applied colour psychology.

Most interior designers I’ve worked with have recognised that clients are becoming more sophisticated. They want to get more involved and understand the design process and, in my experience, the effects of targeted colour usage within their business and personal spaces. The designers themselves have come to the clear realisation that colour usage goes further than just following trends.

It has, which is why applied colour psychology is now a sought-after speciality.

Ahead in colour thinking

The BIID is heading into a new era with the addition of applied colour psychology to its courses and it’s going to be wonderful to be a part of a community of like-minded people who are pushing the boundaries of how colour is currently used.

Plus, I’m looking forward to being challenged by designers with their colour questions and ideas as I know that it is only through engaging in real-world projects that the colour industry will develop new methods, processes and standards of practice.

Over to you

If you would like to know more about BIID and how you can become a member go to

The BIID courses won’t be ready for a while yet, but if you’re interested in learning about applied colour psychology take a look at the colour courses I currently offer at

Have a most colourful day.

Karen x

PS. If you would like to know more about colour, grab your copy of my free e-book 10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively.

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