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Continuing the Property Blogs Awards series, this month I’m interviewing Mike O’Flynn from Planet Property, run away winner of the Best Newcomer crown, thanks to its fresh mix of news, views and fun featured properties.

Enjoy an interview with… Mike O’Flynn.

1. What’s the most unusual property request you’ve had?
I was once asked if the colour of a front door could have an impact on the price of a property – I pointed out that a tin of Dulux is not that expensive.

2. Where do you see the future of the UK property market?
I think the biggest shift we’ll see is a larger rental sector. Home ownership will become more difficult for many.  I would hope to see more eco-friendly development and better design in the new homes market.

3. What’s your top tip when it comes to property?
The best tip I can give to anyone thinking about property as an investment is very simple: property is not a liquid asset and the thing is worth nothing unless you can sell it. So before you buy think very carefully about who, in the future, will your potential buyer be.

4. Whose blog do you love to read and why?
Property blogs: The Rat and Mouse, Tracey Kellett’s Buying Agent, Agent’s Diary and The Real Estalker.

Outside property: Lots, but the ones I like most at the moment are the Victorianist The Victorianist and Irish Flute Tunes.

Check out Mike’s brilliant blog.

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