Welcome to my journal where you'll find articles on: the future of colour + design; the inspirations behind cutting edge human-design projects; and the power of using colour & design psychology to positively impact how people feel, think and behave. Enjoy! Looking for something particular? Pop it into Search.

Bathing Bliss

Create a spa bathroom at home with beautiful products. The indulgence of daily pampering, oh what bliss... Other ...
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Bejewelling your wall

If you love jewels and all things sparkly, then this wallpaper is for you! Graham & Brown have ...
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Wall Clocks – What’s Up

A quirky take on telling the time. I found myself recently researching wall clocks for a client.  One ...
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Creating the Perfect Home Office

Office in a cupboard – simply close the doors and your room is restored. More and more we ...
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Wall Art – Stickers

Source - Brumebasics and Spin Collective Looking for a way to personalise your wall with little expense? Have ...
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wall art – bring out your inner artist

Fun interactive wallpaper. Create your own mini masterpieces. Finding it difficult to find art to match your décor? ...
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Dulux Let’s Colour interview

When it comes to Let’s Colour, Grey is definitely out.  They are passionate about bringing colour into our lives. ...
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What’s your style?

How pretty do these perfume bottles look grouped together. Have you found yourself bringing home beautiful treasures from ...
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bright thinking

Ripple Bathroom and Sunpipe as seen on the roof With summer drawing to a close, here are some ...
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dulux let’s colour interview

I’m doing what I love – surrounded by colour. Source – Dulux Let’s Colour Dulux contacted me asking ...
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dulux let’s colour – Virginia Primary School

Source - Dulux Let's Colour I’d read about the let’s colour initiative from dulux and how they transform ...
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10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively

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