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Karen Haller

Ladies who tweet - celebrating Twitter's 5th birthday

Having complied my ‘top ten ladies who tweet’ I thought it only fair, well truth be told I was asked “Where’s the one for us men”… so here it is.

Gentlemen who twitter… my top 10. Each of these lovely gentlemen I either know personally or professionally, whose tweets are educational, inspiring and darn right funny!

Gentlemen who tweet - Henry Pryor. This opens a new browser window.

Henry Pryor's aim is to produce informed & original comment that inspires, educates, irritates or amuses. Why? Because it's not just bird-brains who Tweet! @HenryPryor

Gentlemen who tweet - Nigel Lewis. This opens a new browser window.

Nigel Lewis, a journalist & editor, he tweets about unusual articles & other links from the world of property, giving his off-beat thoughts on the housing market. @property_whore

Gentlemen who tweet - Igor Josifovic. This opens a new browser window.

Igor Josifovic uses Twitter to network with other interior design professionals and to share interior design content he curates on his designer page. @IgorJosif

Gentlemen who tweet - Andrew Dunning. This opens a new browser window.

Andrew Dunning, founder of APD Interiors, uses Twitter to share tips & advice on interior design & products for your home. Also the UK Ambassador of #IntDesignerChat. @andrewdunning

Gentlemen who tweet - Mark Johnson. This opens a new browser window.

Mark Johnson FAIA is an architect in pursuit of innovation and 'bridge building' between the design industry and building product makers. @MarkJohnsonFAIA

Gentlemen who tweet - Lewis Malka. This opens a new browser window.

Lewis Malka, owner of Joseph Sterling Bespoke Jewellery keeps in touch with clients tweeting his progress in making a piece of diamond jewellery in his workshop. @LewisMalka

Gentlemen who tweet - Graham Norwood. This opens a new browser window.

Graham Norwood tweets to keep in contact while working from home, gathers material for stories from property experts, and to promote his blog. All a bit of fun! @PropertyJourn

Gentlemen who tweet - Jason Pavlou. This opens a new browser window.

Jason enjoys the fun of twitter and interacting with people. A great way to 'study' people virtually, and even better when you get to meet them… @GiraffeBanners

Gentlemen who tweet - Andrew Smith. This opens a new browser window.

Andrew Smith waxes lyrical about interiors, architecture and CAD. Plus a generous helping of banter thrown in for good measure. @Chapter7Design

Gentlemen who tweet - Wil Taylor. This opens a new browser window.

Will Taylor, a Londoner with a serious addiction to colour tweeting about interiors, styling and some fun odds and ends in between. @Will_UK

Inspired by the online article.

Who do you love to follow on Twitter?

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  1. Keren Lerner on April 19, 2011 at 10:16 pm

    Great idea for a post Karen! I already follow @lewismalka and @GiraffeBanners and having met them in real life, I can say that Karen – you have some good taste in Tweeting men!

    • admin on April 20, 2011 at 6:34 pm

      Why thank you 😉

      They are all really nice people. It was a fun blog post to do.

  2. Tamsin Fox-Davies on April 20, 2011 at 6:15 pm

    Great to see the guys getting a fair go too, and I’m pleased that my donut-loving friend @giraffebanners gets a special mention. I’m going to follow a few of these now.

    • admin on April 20, 2011 at 6:38 pm

      A donut loving giraffe… who’d have thought it 😉
      All these guys are great to follow. Their tweets are informative sprinkled with great wit and humour.

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