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Karen Haller

New Colour Training Courses - booking now

Wow, it’s finally happened and taken me by surprise but here I am, launching Karen Haller Colour Training.

The seed was sown… having been asked over and over again,

“Where can I learn what you do?”

“How can I apply colour psychology in my every day work?”


Years of development
After spending the last couple of years piloting my colour courses from master classes and my professional colour mentoring programme with graduates going through with flying colours, I’m proud to be finally able to offer the training, mentoring and support to answer both of those questions (and a few more!)

My colour journey…
Like so many people, probably you included, I fell in love with colour as a child. My kindergarten in inner Sydney embraced colour and the arts, giving me the freedom to explore colour – with my crayons and a natural talent for finger painting I was hooked!

But while my life started out colourfully it wasn’t always that way. Find out how I built my reputation as a leading expert, author, speaker and mentor in the field of applied colour psychology here.

Spreading the colour knowledge 
I am always surprised that today many professional’s initial colour training still mainly focuses on the traditional colour wheel theory, despite the wealth of further colour knowledge and research available. Of course the colour wheel introduces most of us to the sensational world of colour but imagine if it were just the tip of the iceberg. Imagine if colour were to become the single most impactful aspect of any design.

The science, yes science, of colour is proving to be an invaluable part of any designer’s toolbox. It enhances what you do on a big scale.

I love to work with design professionals who design from a place of creativity without seeking to make the result about them but instead about their clients’ interests, emotional expression and psychological needs.

What this involves is diving into the heart and soul of a brand, a product or indeed a client to uncover the true personality, values, beliefs and desired behaviours. And then of course to visually and creatively express them in their true light.

Come on over…
At Karen Haller Colour Training you’ll find colour curiosities, colour training courses, tips, tools and even a dynamic colour diary to keep you up-to-date with events around the world.

You’ll also find out how you can be trained or mentored by me so you too can:

  • Combine your innate colour intuition with science of applied colour psychology and colour physics to create consistent, reproducible results
  • Put an end to those subjective debates on what colours should be used, where they should be used and in what proportion
  • Provide a clear, logical rationale for your colour decisions – back your colour decisions with proven scientific theory
  • Align the colour message the brand marketing message, interiors and products – putting an end to the mix messages many brands and businesses are sending out
  • Understand why colour combinations can have very specific effects individuals and within working environments
  • Analyse your client’s colour choices and the meaning behind their preferences.

There is a new paradigm when working with colour and my new website is the place where this is explored, explained and celebrated.

I invite you to come in and have a play.

Colourfully yours,

PS: Remember to download your free report: The 10 Myths that Limit You Using Colour Effectively to get your journey started.


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  1. Yogesh sharma on January 24, 2016 at 4:25 pm

    myself yogesh sharma ,from India .i am B.SC IN INTERIOR DESIGN .i want to do color psychology course but problem is that i cann’t
    come out of India .is there any distance learning programme? if it is plz inform
    i would be highly oblige

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