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Karen Haller

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I’ve always been someone who loves travelling. As an Australian coming to London, my first experiences of the tube I remember well. I was in awe of how millions of people on a daily basis manage to navigate their way around this seemingly complex underground system. And I remember thinking how do they do this? When I spotted the huge colour coded tube map up on the station wall, I knew – find the line I needed to go on and just follow the colour.

Little did I know 15 years later I would be asked by London Transport Museum to give a talk on colour for their Friday Late Colour event ‘How we relate to colour in branding’.

I’m delighted they have asked me again for this month’s Love Your Line weekend.

This time for my talk ‘Colouring in the Lines‘ we’ll be going on a colourful journey taking a different look at the tube map, looking at how colour plays its part in the branding of our transport system, and helps us to find our way around this vibrant city.

There’s a full programme of activities, talks and demonstrations over the entire weekend, a perfect day out for the family or transport enthusiasts.

To download the weekend calendar of events and to book your ticket head over to the London Transport Museum website.


My talk will be on:
Date: Saturday 27th April 2019
Location: London Transport Museum, Acton Museum Depot
Talk time: 15:00-15:50


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