International Colour Day 21st March 2015… all welcome

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It’s almost upon us again, an entire day dedicated to celebrating all colour on the International Colour Day. Established by the AIC, International Colour Association we are celebrating the 3rd annual event.

Why celebrate March 21st
March 21st is the “equinox” where equi = equal and nox = night. That means around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal in length. This symbolically represents the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow as expressed in all human cultures.

Light and colour are inseparable. Colour is always connected with light, without light there would be no colour therefore International Colour day also celebrates the light.

And 2015 happens to be the International Year of Light. So double the celebrations!

Celebrating around the World
Check out what your country or region’s colour group is doing to celebrate the day!

Come celebrate with the Colour Group GB
For the UK the Colour Group GB have organised a full day of events which is FREE for all to attend.

Check out the full details of the days events

International Colour Day - Colour Group GB

Getting There
Omnibus is in the ‘Old Clapham Library’ building at 1, Northside, Clapham Common, SW4 0QW. We are on the corner of Northside and Orlando Road (near Starbucks), at the southerly end of Old Town.
Check out travel directions by car and public transport .

Enjoy celebrating colour wherever you are in the world!



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