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How exciting was Decorex this year. It just keeps getting better… great products, stunning presented stands, exceptional standard of seminars and guest speakers.  And for the first time, the hugely successful Decorex Bloggers competition.  I was thrilled to be part of, coming runner-up in week One to the eventual winner, Andrew Dunning.

Here are just a few products and producers that caught my eye at Decorex 2011.

Interiors - Decorex 2011 - Spina. This opens a new browser window.

Spina - Award winning design duo who have revolutionised the perception of accessories and the detailing in interior design.


Interiors - Decorex 2011 - Alsans Furnishings. This opens a new browswer window.

Alsans Furnishings - Creators of classic high end bespoke handmade soft furnishings & upholstered furniture.


interiors - Decorex 2011 - Harlequin. This opens a new browser window.

Harlequin - Is a leading brand in the intriors market, renowned for inspirational design and innovative textures. I particularly like their great use of tonally harmonious colour palettes.


interiors - Decorex 2011 - Lizzie Allen. This opens a new browser window.

Lizzie Allen - Produces witty hand screen-printed wallpapers, ideal for feature walls or individual panels.

decorex love bloggers

Decorex kindly invited all the Decorex Love Bloggers runner-ups and of course the winner, Andrew Dunning, to a tea and cup cake celebration, from which we then moved on to be treated to a lovely champagne and canapé gathering.  It was lovely to reconnect with the bloggers and designers I already know and to finally meet in person those I had connected with on Twitter and Facebook.

Special mention to Justyna Sowa, who did an amazing job co-ordinating the Decorex social media campaign and the Decorex Love Bloggers competition… no doubt amongst many other things.

Interiors - Decorex 2011 - Decorex love bloggers.

Decorex Blogger runners-up Arianna Trapani, Hannah Coleman & me with Justyna Sowa (2nd from right).


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Spina Design
Alsans Furnishings
Lizzie Allen

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