ibis sleep art… the morning after the night before

Karen Haller 01
Karen Haller
Ibis Sleep Art - mattress with 80 motion sensors.

Sleep Art | The thin white mattress contains 80 sensors connected to the robot who then painted my every move.

Last night I experienced Sleep Art. Taking place in Berlin, Paris and London ‘sleep artists’ were tucked up in bed asleep whilst robots worked throughout the night painting their every move.

How do I know this… because I was the first one in London to take part in Ibis Hotel Sleep Art experience.

(Day 20 into my 30 blogs in 30 days challenge!)

I was a bit concerned my painting would be a few straight lines as once I’m bed I out like a light and still in the same position in the morning.

Not last night. The mattress with its 80 sensors (see photo above) was surprisingly really hot. I tossed and turned trying to find a cool spot on the mattress.  I’m sure this will make for a very interesting painting!

I was hoping to receive my sleep art today, but it looks more like I will receive it tomorrow.

Instead here is a short 1:36 minute video explaining just how this works.

YouTube video


I can’t wait to receive my very own piece of Sleep Art.


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Image: Karen Haller and  You Tube Ibis Sleep Art

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