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Karen Haller

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Late last year I had the pleasure of collaborating again with Fiat, this time on a simple and playful colour quiz for their Us! The FIAT Magazine | issue 13. It was initially available for Fiat customers and I can now share it with you!

Back in July I initially collaborated with Fiat on the ‘You Wear’ campaign – A World-First Facebook Fashion App That Reveals What Colour You Wear Most Often.

Take the Us! FIAT Magazine Colour Quiz
Colour is more than just a visual experience; it’s an incredibly powerful phenomenon used to influence us every day of our lives. Colour can influence our mood and create a lasting impression on others.

Take the quiz and put some colour into your life!


You can also download through the App store!-magazine/id751454894?mt=8

You can find the Us! the FIAT Magazine colour quiz at


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