colour makes people happy and it would seem a bit dizzy too

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Karen Haller

Colour Makes People Happy Blog - Splatter painting - Karen pouring paint.

Back in February on my first visit to the Colour Makes People Happy store and meeting the very happy Simon March, I knew I’d be back.

So what better reason than to treat my good friend Janet (and colour lover) for her birthday, to a mini splatter painting party.  No matter what the age, I think we all love to get out the paints, play and create.

Colour Makes People Happy Blog - Splatter painting - setting up.

Colour Makes People Happy | Simon setting up the paper on the splatter wheel.

Colour Makes People Happy and it would seem for me a bit dizzy too. You see, you need to wait for the wheel to spin really quickly before pouring the paint on.

Now, I know that I suffer from motion sickness. Luckily, not physically sick. I’m the one that very quietly lies down and passes out.

Simon said that some people have felt a bit dizzy watching the colours spin on the wheel, but I’m the first who actually had to turn away. My face went white and I knew I had to pour the colour on and then look away. Who would have thought splatter painting was akin to extreme sport 😉

Colour Makes People Happy Blog - Splatter painting - in progress.

Colour Makes People Happy | I’m slowly pouring the paint on to get really thin lines.

Simon would stop the wheel spinning between pouring on the different colours so I would take a closer look at the patterns created. The wonderful thing you don’t know how the paint is going to react so you end up with a truly unique design.


Colour Makes People Happy Blog - Splatter painting - Taking a closer look.

Colour Makes People Happy | Once the wheel has stopped spinning, I’m taking a closer look to see the patterns beginning to form.


And here’s the birthday girl, Janet, drizzling the paint onto the spinning wheel with Simon watching her creation come to life. In case you are wondering that is Janet. It’s amazing how many people ask if we are sisters, easy to see why.

Colour Makes People Happy Blog - Splatter painting - Janet Best and Simon March.

Colour Makes People Happy | Janet creating her splatter picture with Simon March looking on


Here’s my completed splatter painting. I considered this one a bit of a test run. Now I understand the different affects you get from pouring the paint close and far from the paper, dripping etc., the next time I’m cutting loose. Yes, I’ll be back…

Colour Makes People Happy | My completed splatter painting


If you would like to have your own splatter party, to create your own splatter masterpiece, then pop over to

Colour Makes People Happy Store, 53 Grove Vale, London, SE22 8EQ



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