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This book review is very close to my heart. Not only is the editor Janet Best a good friend of mine, there are several fellow Colour Group (GB) committee members were asked to write a chapter, including myself. This book is the first of its kind bringing together 26 colour specialists creating the definitive book of colour.

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about the book
Janet was the perfect choice for Woodhead Publishing to have edit this book. Not only is she an internationally recognised authority on global textile colour management, her work has enabled her to develop a vast international network of colour specialists ranging from artists, designers, architects, colour chemists, scientists, psychologists and educators.

Janet handpicked 26 colour experts from around the world to write a chapter on their specialist subject which has led to the creation of what has become the definitive book on colour.

Subjects range from Colour perception, defective colour vision, colour psychology, international colour standards, colour trends, colour printing, colour dyes and the list goes on. There truly is something here for everyone.

I was thrilled to be asked by Janet to write chapter 20: Colour in interior design. In this chapter I discuss colour in the home and in the commercial and public spaces covering issues such as colour psychology, colour contrast, colour wayfinding, visual colour contrast, government DDA guidelines and more.

who is this book for
Ideal as a reference book for universities, colleges, and educational facilities. Also for marketing, advertising, architects, designers, printers. In fact anyone who works with colour.

Janet’s belief that “colour has no boundaries” and that “every business is in the colour business” really does hold true.


Colour design Theories and applications - Colour in interior design. This opens a new browser window.


How to buy the book
This book is available on Amazon and also direct from the Woodhead publishing. You are also able to purchase individual chapters.

Colour Talk to support the book

On November 30th at City University, London the Colour Group (GB) are putting on an all-day colour event. They have asked 10 colour specialists to discuss their chapter. The emphasis of this talk is Colour for Business And The Professions.

The speakers will describe how colour is important in many fields of human activity, and how you might use a knowledge of colour to increase productivity, creativity and satisfaction. There is an opportunity to meet the colour specialists and visit the exciting exhibitions.


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