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Samsung wanted to launch their very own interior paint range - LivingColour - with the aim to establish their Lifestyle TV category by elevating their brand out of the tech pages and into lifestyle media. Their intention was to engage a style-conscious audience through a focus on interior design instead of their traditional tech specification route. 


Samsung's request was to create the ‘LivingColour’ paint collection range to work in harmony with their new Lifestyle TV range and elevate the overall aesthetic of any living space to create positive, uplifting emotional responses through the use of colour psychology. Overall, I was asked to create six distinct interior design looks: creating three paint colours that matched the TV bezels, and a further three to complement them.

samsung living colour project blue room
samsung living colour project yellow room
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The colour pairings for Samsung’s range of Lifestyle TVs were selected to match the personality and style of each TV, whilst also creating an environment that would be uplifting and ultimately complement your lifestyle.



Each of the three Lifestyle TVs had been given a colour, so my first step was to colour match them perfectly to create the first three paint colours, and then take inspiration for what paint colours would be a perfect complement. 

I also took inspiration from each of the influencers who were promoting the TVs and using colour psychology I came up with colours that reflected their personality, harmonised with the TV frames and created a perfect interior colour complement. 

I had a very tight window of 2-3 days to create the paint colours so I chose Francesca's Paints and together we created the six colours in an afternoon. I worked closely with her to ensure I had the perfect colour match. And I also chose her paints because she uses only natural pigments, which look beautiful on the walls, don't smell and are environmentally friendly too.

These colours were then used in the room sets for each influencer and their Samsung Lifestyle TV. 


The three complementary colours I created and named were inspired by  the personalities of the influencers involved.

For award winning interiors writer & podcast host Kate Watson-Smyth has a love for art, collectables and the colour green, I created Restful Pine (forest green): A peaceful and restorative green to promote feelings of safety and harmony to complement THE FRAME TV bezel's warm beige. 

For musician and interior stylist Whinnie Williams who has a passion for all things retro chic, I created Champagne Bliss (beige pink): A soft tone that provides a gentle energy to soothe and relax the body to complement THE SERIF TV bezel's cool Cotton Blue.

For celebrated creative Yinka Llori who's artwork is vibrant and full of life, I created Bright Spark (bright yellow) : A cool yellow with a lively, can-do attitude. Full of optimism and youthful energy and to complement THE SERO TV bezel's cool navy blue.

samsung living colour project green room
samsung living colour project green paint
samsung living colour project cotton blue room
samsung living colour project beige pink room
samsung living colour project beige pink paint

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Contact Karen to discuss your project further.


Contact Karen to discuss your project further.

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