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Rockfon, a global leader in acoustic tiles and panels, with their global consultancy team created a new colour range Rockfon Color-all, The Colours of Wellbeing, their first in over a decade. As part of this launch, Rockfon wanted to include opinion leaders who could help them create expert content about the important role colour plays in the built environment and how it can positively influence how people feel and improve their well-being.


As part of this launch, Rockfon wanted to include opinion leaders who could help them to create expert content about colour and share the importance it plays in the built environment and how colour contributes to how people feel and improves their well-being. My input was as a thought leader in applied colour psychology.

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With Karen on the team we knew we'd be able to deliver a strong credible story about colour psychology for Rockfon staff and to our customers worldwide. The training she provided for our sales teams has helped to boost their colour knowledge and confidence when talking to our customers, making this a very positive experience.



My contribution was to help Rockfon’s customers (design industry) to discover on a deeper level how they could use colour and this new range to greater effect. I did this through a video and thought leader articles for their website, as well as contributing content for their beautiful book The Colours of Wellbeing.

Knowing that a lot of end clients are unsure of colour, Rockfon’s new range aim is to inspire the design industry with ways they could use these colours. Through my input, we wanted to show there was more to colour than trends or as something merely decorative. That, in fact, colour could be used to positively influence people's emotions and how they behave.

In addition to sharing my applied colour psychology expertise, I was also hands-on behind the scenes with this project and helped to storyboard and script the video, as well as to shape The Colours of Wellbeing book. I was also delighted to find the location for the video shoot, in the studio of Boxx Creative, situated in the historic Royal Victoria Patriotic Building, Wansworth, London.

Advanced Colour Training

As well as delivering my colour thought leadership for their launch, Rockfon asked me to help them to further impart the power and possibility of colour to their design industry customers.

Initially, they bought almost 500 copies of my book, The Little Book of Colour, so they could give them to their design industry clients as a fantastic resource to explore the impact of colour and add to their own colour knowledge.

And then they asked me to deliver a training for their sales team, so I could help them to deliver even better customer service to Rockfon customers. I taught them colour psychology at a high-level and also gave them tools to ask better questions and have better conversations with their clients through supporting them to think about colour differently, see different possibilities with how they could use colour, and make colour suggestions that could help support their customers project positive aims and outcomes.

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Contact Karen to discuss your project further.


Contact Karen to discuss your project further.


Contact Karen to discuss your project further.

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