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Karen Haller
FlyLady's Declutter Kit

FlyLady's Declutter Kit

We’ve survived another festive season and made our new year’s resolutions. If one of yours is to carry out a de-clutter, then here are some helpful tips and hints to get you started this month.

1.  Sorting it Out

Work your way systemically through each cupboard, drawer, box etc. Sort everything into three piles:

  1. Keep
  2. Give away to charity
  3. Throw out (recycle when possible)

You may need to be quite ruthless when doing this. If it helps, ask a friend to help you keep focused and motivated.

2.  Clean Out

This is a good time to give your cupboard, drawers a thorough clean. Think of it as an early spring clean. Where possible use natural eco-friendly products which are safer for you to breathe, not filling your home with chemicals.

3.  Storage

Now that you know what you are keeping, you’ll be able to see not only how much storage you need but the right type of storage. Good practical storage is key to having a well organised home, where there’s a place for everything and it’s all easily accessible. If your storage is out on display, look for more attractive solutions such as glass jars, wicker baskets, using colours that go with your décor.

A clear space gives the illusion of being spacious

A clear space gives the illusion of being spacious

A clutter free bathroom - easier to keep clean

A clutter free bathroom - easier to keep clean

Give your home a healthy start to the New Year.

Wishing you a Happy New Year!
Karen x

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