International Colour Day 21st March… come join us

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International Colour Day March 21st 2014. This opens a new browser window.

You are invited to join The Colour Group (GB) and Omnibus Clapham for an exciting day of FREE talks, exhibits, and activities for all ages, celebrating the fascinating subject of colour.

With interactive games, a colour puzzle, 3-D printing in colour, demonstrations of thermal imaging, microwaves, pigments and materials for the artist, jewellery, vision testing and a new colour-based phone app for you to see and try!

The National Physical Laboratory (NPL) will bring exciting demonstrations and lots of expertise, and you will have the chance to meet Colour Group members who are practicing artists and designers, makers, colour consultants, fashion experts, psychologists, game designers and academics.

You are welcome to listen to the talks, demonstrations, exhibits and interactive workshops throughout the day.

Full Programme
Check out the full day’s programme of talks, demonstrations, exhibits and interactive workshops. You are welcome to drop in any time during the day. Suitable for adults and children and it’s FREE!

Getting There
Omnibus is in the ‘Old Clapham Library’ building at 1, Northside, Clapham Common, SW4 0QW. We are on the corner of Northside and Orlando Road (near Starbucks), at the southerly end of Old Town.
Check out travel directions by car and public transport .

Why March 21st
March 21st is the “equinox” where equi = equal and nox = night, meaning around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal in length. This symbolically represents the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow as expressed in all human cultures.

Light and colour are inseparable. Colour is always connected with light, without light there would be no colour therefore International Colour day also celebrates the light.

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