Five of my favourite colourful finds this month

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Five of my favourite colourful finds this month - April 2014.

Wrapping up April with five of my favourite colourful finds. I hope you enjoy them too.

1. This month we celebrated Easter and Facebook, Pinterest, blog posts were awash with the most wonderful colours, images and styling. I know I got a bit carried away pinning lots of beautiful easter finds. My favourite is not your typical easter colour. I just loved the subtle tonal changes. I remember doing exercises like this (on paper not eggs) at college and know the work that goes into getting this just right.

Colour finds - blue tone eggs. This opens a new browser window.


2. My ongoing quarterly colour psychology in interiors series with the wonderful Stacey Sheppard from the renowned Design Sheppard blog went live this month. This quarter we discuss all about the colour teal.

Colour finds - colour psychology - using teal in interiors. This will open a new browser window.


3. One for the boys… UK Men’s Health magazine wrote an interesting article on how men in British politics can balance authoritative smartness with discretion and gravitas. I was asked how important is colour in communicating the right message. My published comments focused on George Osborne, UK’s current Chancellor and the confused message he is sending out wearing black.

Colour finds - Men's Health style budget. This opens a new browser window.


4. If you haven’t seen the fabulously wonderful The Grand Budapest Hotel yet, then you are in for a colourful treat. Wes Anderson’s films are always a delight and this one was awash with colour!

Colour finds - Grand Budapest Hotel. This opens a new browser window.


5. I just had to share this amazing quote. Inspiring us all to get back in touch with our innate creativity and passion for colour. I’m pleased to say I’ve got my colourful crayons back!


I hope you enjoyed this month’s colour retrospective. If you would like to see more inspirational colour articles and events then come over and join me on my Facebook page: Karen Haller Colour And Design.


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