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Karen Haller

Dulux Lets Colour Awards 2014

The fabulous Dulux Let’s colour Awards is now in its third year and I was absolutely thrilled to be asked once again to be on their judging panel.

Last year I was asked to personally pick a shortlist for the  category ‘colour innovation in technology & design’. This year my category was to handpick what I felt was the Colour Moment of the year and the great news is… you get to vote for the winner!

The brief “colour to uplift, inspire and transform to make a positive impact on people’s lives”.

Given this is my colour philosophy here are my two nominations:

Dulux Lets Colour Awards - Summer of Colour

Summer 2014 saw Margate and the surrounding area transformed into a festival of colour! The festival was inspired by Turner Contemporary’s summer exhibition Mondrian and Colour and the 20th century artist, whose love of colour changed the art world. Initiated by Turner Contemporary, working with partners across Margate, Thanet and East Kent, the project brought the community together through a celebration of colour. Children, adults and families experienced the joy of colour through dance, performance, theatre, art, science, colour walk, creative design – you name it they had a colour activity for it! This event truly brought the community together and no doubt will have ignited a lifelong passion and love for colour.

What I loved about this event is the way it brought the community and surrounding areas together through something as simple yet powerful as colour. We all instinctively and innately have a love, a connection, a passion for colour. There was such a wide variety of events meaning there was something for everyone to connect with whether that was through dance, painting, performance, art.

Dulux Lets Colour Awards - Making Colour

Making Colour was the first exhibition of its kind in Britain to bring together art and science and created an exceptional opportunity for visitors to take a journey through the history of colour from the Middle Ages to the end of 19th century. Featuring paintings from the National Gallery’s own collection alongside minerals, textiles, ceramics and glass, the exhibition explored the materials that make up the array of artists’ pigments and examined how artists overcame the technical challenges involved in creating the colours that we now take for granted and use every day.

I felt like I was being transported back in time, reliving the journey and the many adventures the artists went on to discover colour pigments in the most remote of places. It was fascinating to learn how artists sourced and used colour over the many centuries. You felt you were being taken on a journey through the world of colour starting with the theories of colour, then how the colour spectrum influenced painters’ use of pigments, and their quest for new materials.

Your chance to vote for Colour Moment of the Year
We felt it was really important to let the public decide on the Colour Moment of the Year. Check out all four nominations and vote for your favourite Colour Moment of the Year for 2014.

All the winners will be announced at a gala event end of April 2015 so there’s still time for you to vote for your favourite…



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