Dulux Colour of the Year 2015 radio day with Rebecca Williamson

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Rebecca Williamson and Karen Haller - Copper Blush - Radio Day

It feels like only yesterday Rebecca Williamson and I were on radio talking about Dulux 2014’s Colour of the Year, Teal. Today we teamed up again to talk about this year’s Copper Blush.  It was another marathon session giving 14 radio interviews within 3 hours with a combined listenership close to 5 million across the UK. It was wonderful to chat again with Charlene Guy on BFBS worldwide (British Forces Broadcasting Service) definitely a lover of colour and by the sounds of it all things pink!

Back at the comfy Big Bird media / Heavy Entertainment studios we talked all things colour from how Copper Blush was chosen as Colour of the Year, what does our favourite colour say about us, what is colour psychology and why it is so important and how can families and couples pick colours for their home they can all enjoy.

In case you missed our interviews here’s a few of the questions we were asked.

Why was Copper selected as this year’s Colour of the Year?
Rebecca answered this question as she was on the panel of 20 global colour and trend experts who came together to discuss and select the colour of the year, which they do 18 months ahead of launch.

Copper Blush was chosen “because of its warm, earthy tones. Copper Blush brings together natural hues and fits perfectly across fashion, beauty and home. Witnessed across the globe, metallic colour tones are playing an increasingly important role within modern design. Copper Blush, the key colour for 2015, reflects this movement as a beautifully heart-warming shade with real depth which creates an easy to live with atmosphere but with a touch of elegance”.

Rebecca Williamson - Dulux Colour of the Year - Copper Blush - Radio Day

Dulux Colour of the Year | Copper Blush |Radio Day with Rebecca Williamson, Dulux Senior Colour, Design & Content Manager

Another question every radio DJ wanted to know was What is colour psychology and why is it so important?
So over to me… Colour is more than just a visual experience; its transformative power influences our mood, how we feel and our behaviour. Established research into theories relating to colour and psychology suggest each colour has specific effects that influence us on all levels; mental, emotional and physical.

When we see colours they send unconscious messages in a language that we understand instinctively, the language of emotions.

Colour psychology helps us to understand the benefits of using colour consciously and using it to help improve our environment, supporting our emotions and our well-being.

Copper Blush is a warm orange hue containing pink – wrapped in this colour you can just imagine it giving you a snugly warm feeling. The additional hint of black reduces the hue’s vibrancy giving it depth and grounding. If you are looking for a romantic colour but not a fan of red or pink, this may be the colour for you. It conveys the more sensual side of romance.

Karen Haller - Dulux Colour of the Year - Copper Blush - Radio Day

Dulux Colour of the Year | Copper Blush |Radio Day with Karen Haller, Applied Colour Psychology Specialist & Industry Colour Trainer

and finally How can families/couples pick colours for their home that they all enjoy?
My response was to think about how you and those you share with want to feel in the space, in each room. What positive behaviours do you wish to see. Then look for the colours, the tones that reflect these, along with thinking of the proportion of each colour and the placement. It’s all about reflecting your personality so much sure Make sure there’s a space in the home that reflects your personality, so you feel at home in your home.

Rebecca picked up from here saying that picking colours can be very personal so rather than compromise your favourite hues by going too bland throughout your home, try defining a couple of small zones with colours that reflect you then you can enjoy the best of both worlds. This could be as simple as claiming an over looked corner or hidden alcove as your own, a place to read, relax or listen to music perhaps to give you back some me time.

And if you haven’t seen Copper Blush yet… here it is!

Blog Post Dulux Colour Blush Trend Colour for 2015

Dulux Colour of the Year | Copper Blush

Ways to bring Copper Blush into your home…

Colour Blush - feature wall

Dulux Colour of the Year | Copper Blush

Every year Dulux UK, together with a well-known name, create a beautiful colour story, bringing Dulux Colour of the Year to life. This year Sophie Ellis-Bextor captures the Copper Blush story.

Dulux Copper Blush Sophie Ellis-Bextor_2

Dulux Colour of the Year | Copper Blush | story captured by Sophie Ellis-Bextor

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