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This Sunday 8th October is the start of Decorex and I’m really excited to share with you something new to Decorex – The Colour Trail.

Earlier this year I approached Decorex with the idea to showcase exhibitors who embrace the power of colour in their designs alongside their sustainability credentials in the form of a trail that took you on a colourful journey and I was so pleased they said yes!

If you are going to Decorex you can pick up your paper map on arrival which will have The Colour Trail marked out for you to follow. You’ll be able to chat to the exhibitors where they will share with you how colour and sustainable solutions are core to their designs and their business.

My motivation in putting the Decorex Colour Trail together

Anyone who has heard of me knows I’m a huge champion of colour. I’m always on the lookout for ways we can highlight colour and put it centre stage and help people to really understand that it is so much more than something that is aesthetically pretty or pleasing.  

Colour is such a powerful and often underrated tool to support us as humans to think, feel and behave in the way that we want to. That’s why I’m such a huge advocate for colour psychology because it elevates colour from an afterthought to a powerful conscious resource we can use to feel better as humans.

So when I was discussing my contribution for this year’s event with Decorex Event Director Sam Fisher and fellow collaborator interior designer Simon Hamilton, I proposed the idea of introducing a colour trail.

Why I was inspired to share this idea is because I knew it would really showcase companies who champion colour and are using it in innovative ways with a sustainable approach.

The idea was met with a resounding yes!

Simon and I have picked exhibitors who meet the criteria, 16 in total, and we have also selected our ‘best in show’ who we have invited to join us on our panel discussion on Sunday 8th October at 2pm, the opening day of Decorex.

The 16 Colour Trail exhibitors are:

Omexco N.V. – Stand B24

CTO Lighting – Stand B32

Wendy Morrison Design – Stand B70

Little Cabari – Stand B82

Earthborn paint – Stand D76

Curiousa Ltd – Stand E32 ** BEST IN SHOW**

Daughters of Gaea Ltd – Stand F32

Tania Johnson Design – Stand F35

YesColours + Colour cafe – Stand G01 G02

Harris Tweed Hebrides – Stand Ltd G24

Blackpop + Champagne bar – Stand H14

The Mews Furnishings Ltd – Stand J22

Kariokas – Stand J24

Samarkand Design – Stand K34

Nat Maks – Stand K42

Thomas Crapper & Co – Stand P35

Along with your map, you’ll be able to spot the exhibitors featured on The Colour Trail as they will be displaying their Colour Trail tag.

decorex 2023 colour trail exhibitor tag karen haller
Decorex 2023 Colour Trail – Look out for the exhibitor tags

You can check out the Decorex Colour Trail information over here where you can read up on each of the Colour Trail exhibitors.

To register for Decorex 2023 head over here.

You can find out more about our panel discussion ‘Why do we need colour – can we live without it’ over here which will include special guest panellist Esther Patterson, Founder and Creator of Curiousa who is our Colour Trail ‘Best in Show’ winner.

Decorex, London

Location: Olympia London, Hammersmith Rd, Hammersmith, London, W14 8UX 
Date: Sunday 8th October – Wednesday 11th October 2023.

I’ll be walking The Colour Trail on Sunday and I’m really looking forward to meeting each of the exhibitors. I hope to see you on the trail and at our 2pm panel discussion.

Colourfully yours,

Images courtesy of Decorex.

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