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Karen Haller
All wrapped up - check radiators working correctly and windows are well sealed.

Check all radiators are working correctly and each window is well sealed.

There’s definitely a chill in the air and that can only mean winter is on its way.  When it comes to the condition of your rental property’s interiors, how well are you prepared for the long cold winter ahead?

Imagine being called up over the holiday period because your tenants have no hot water or the radiators aren’t working.  For a landlord, there’s no downtime.

There are no guarantees nothing will go wrong, however by carrying out a number of checks you and your tenants can enjoy the winter free from worry.

Some winter checks to consider:

  • Any sign of condensation, mould or damp
  • Any unusual smells, decay, evidence of mice
  • Extractfans working correctly
  • Windows and external doors sealing correctly
  • Radiators working correctly
  • All electrical appliances checked
  • Smoke alarms / fire extinguishers checked
All wrapped up - check gas fires are working correctly.

Not just for decoration. Check gas fires are working correctly.

Making the most of your lettings agent

They will be able to include these checks as part of their regular periodical home checks.  Most letting agents will have an emergency number for tenants to call when their office is closed over the holiday period.  Make sure your tenants are aware of this.

If you manage your own property and are going away, what provisions have you put in place if your tenants have a problem?  This may be just the time to invest in using a full management service so you can enjoy your holiday in the knowledge your property is in safe hands.

Take care of your tenants by making sure the property is comfortable and safe over the winter months as you would your own home.  Simply by having a good relationship with your tenants, they are more likely to take good care of your investment.

With your property all safe and wrapped up, your tenants will be able to enjoy a cosy warm winter and you a hassle free holiday.

Wishing you a joyous festive holiday!
Karen x

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Article first published via Caris Lettings where I write for their monthly newsletter giving interiors advice to landlords and investors.

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