AIC International Colour Day 21st March

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Karen Haller

AIC International Colour Day March 21st

The AIC (International Colour Association) has declared March 21st  to be… International Colour Day!

why March 21st
March 21st is the “equinox” where equi = equal and nox = night, meaning around the equinox, night and day are approximately equal in length. This symbolically represents the complementary nature of light and darkness, light and shadow as expressed in all human cultures.

Light and colour are inseparable. Colour is always connected with light, without light there would be no colour therefore International Colour day also celebrates the light.

The AIC is represented by 38 different nations so no doubt there will be many colour activities organised today in celebration of colour and light.

The Colour Group GB are very busy bees organising the AIC 12th International Congress to be held in Newcastle early July, so unfortunately we just didn’t have the resources but come 2014 watch out for an exciting programme of events.

Logo design concept
A competition was held to create a logo that would represent the essence of International Colour Day. And the winning design was created by Hosanna Yau, Kowloon, Hong Kong.

The design shows two circles form which form an eye, with equal halves of rainbow colour and black to represent light and darkness, day and night.

Hosanna thoughts behind the design
I cannot remember when I started living with simplicity in all aspect of my life. Using the least to represent the most is the characteristic of logo design, and I am so obsessed about this. In the process of designing, it gives me not only the happiness, but also the chance to re-think and learn how to extract the gist from all sorts of information.

I have been designing logos since 2001 and have received some logo design awards and have logos featured on design books. For more information on Hosanna check out her website

making it official
The application for the creation of the “International Colour Day” is now an ongoing process at UNESCO. Fingers crossed for a  positive answer for an official thumbs up!


How will you celebrate International Colour Day!


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