why is biophilic design in a green rut

Why is Biophilic design in a ‘green’ rut

If you were to look up biophilic design or at the many interiors that follow biophilic design principles, it’s likely you’ll be met with a sea of green, wood and green plants.  I’ve been speaking to lots of designers and they’re all saying they are noticing this and asking why are we just limiting ourselves…

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colour design and creating positive mental health karen haller

Colour, design and creating positive mental health

Back in 2018, one of the leading UK interior trade shows, 100% Design, released their forecast of the upcoming trends in design, and right up the top at number 2 was mental health. Five years on mental health in design is still a hot topic even more so with the impact of the pandemic lockdowns…

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mental health navigating grief through colour karen haller

Mental Health Awareness UK, navigating grief through colour

For Mental Health Awareness Week, I take a look at how UK clinical psychologist Dr Julie Smith demonstrates the process of grieving through the use of colour.  

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