Everything You've Ever Wanted to Know about Colour Trends

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Delving into Colour Trends

Are you in the design industry?

Do you love the anticipation of finding out what the Colour of the Year will be, or the latest colour trends?

But find yourself confused on how exactly you’re meant to use them?

Or do you sometimes find they don’t fit your aesthetic style or of a clients and then get stuck with what to do next?  

If you're a design professional who uses colour trends and you're not sure how to incorporate them into your design schemes, then my Everything You have Ever Wanted to Know About Colour Trends online course might be just what you've been looking for.

Hi, I'm Karen Haller, Applied Colour & Design Psychology specialist, consultant and teacher, and over the years working with my clients and speaking to other design professionals, I’ve noticed when it comes to colour trends it can felt almost like a big black hole and understanding how to use them can feel a bit like the dark arts.

Everyone would look forward to the new season colours or the Colour of the Year, get excited and then the questions would start:

  • “Is this colour trend meant for our industry?”

  • “How am I supposed to use this?”

  • “I don’t want to use this year’s trend colours. Will that make me look like I’m not current?”

Have you ever asked yourself any of these questions? If so, you’re not alone. I, and so many people I’ve worked with, have as well.

And with more and more companies coming out with their own colour trends, how do we navigate all of the options and not be overwhelmed by all of the choice.

As someone who specialises in colour, I decided I wanted to get under the bonnet and see what really lies behind colour trends and how we use them.

And what I’ve uncovered is all inside my new online course which will demystify the world of colour trends and really surprise you with some of the ways we can use trends in our design work.

Everything You Have Ever Wanted
to Know about Colour Trends

This online course has been created specifically for the design industry. I have, on your behalf, investigated the world of colour trends to bring back the answers to all the questions you have ever wanted to know about colour trends.

Answering your questions such as…

  • What’s the purpose of colour trends? Isn’t it just marketing?

  • How do we use them? (And why the companies don’t tell us.)

  • How do we know which trend colours are right for our client or our project?

  • What do we do if the colour trends doesn’t fit our own design aesthetic?

  • How do we achieve timeless designs working with trends?

  • What is the environmental impact of colour trends? Surely this isn’t sustainable?

  • How to engage a colour trend forecaster and the questions to ask them?

  • What do we do if our client doesn’t like them or doesn't want to use the current trend colours even if we think they are right for them?

This course answers the questions
YOU asked

These questions came directly from my design community. They are questions I’ve asked myself and questions my fellow industry designers have asked me many times.  And these are important questions.

Because, I’ve seen how overwhelm, confusion and uncertainty around colour trends can negatively impact designers.  It can cause them to second guess themselves and their schemes which can result in losing  time and potentially losing money. 

I completely understand. I’ve had the same experience and that’s one of the reasons why I really wanted to do this investigation on your behalf.

Because I know that when you have clarity around how to use colour trends, you'll be able to use them in a way that creates positive outcomes for you and your clients.

With that clarity and certainty, you can:

  • Know which colour trends to incorporate into your designs without feeling overwhelmed by the amount of choice  

  • Know how to use colour trends and still have timeless designs

  • Use colour trends without it looking the same as everyone else’s designs

  • Know how to use colour trends in a sustainable, ethical way

  • Know that you have chosen the right colour trend forecaster to work with

  • Know whether to use colour trends or not for your specific project or industry

  • Have better conversations with your clients to understand their resistance to colour trends and offer them alternative solutions.

They are a big part of the design industry and they are here to stay.

Imagine if you could know how to use them and squeeze all of the juice out of them to create positive outcomes for your business and for your clients. That’s what this course can support you to start doing.

Here’s what you’re going to discover
inside this course…

  • What are colour trends, how are they created, and some of the common myths

  • The psychology behind colour trends and why it has such an impact on our desire to buy

  • How the trends industry is dealing with the consumer-led ‘trend’ of sustainability

  • How leading trend forecasters such as Dulux, TrendBible, Colour Marketing Group (CMG) and others come up with their seasonal trend colours and Colour of the Year

  • How top designers such as textile designer UK Clarissa Hulse and magazine stylist Emma Morton-Turner use (or don’t use) colour trends in their work

  • Ways to use colour trends in your designs and how to know which one to pick

  • How to use the psychology of colour to get the most out of colour trends

  • The Colour Trends Cycle™ which shows the behind-the-scenes machine that gives trends a boost to market

  • You'll discover the five stages of the Trends Growth Path™ which will help you to track and assess the validity of any given trend in the market

The list above is just the start of what you'll learn inside this course. So if you're tired of feeling overwhelmed or confused about colour trends and you want to learn how to use them to make a difference in your business, then this course is for you.

Ready to buy?

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to
Know About Colour Trends
by Karen Haller £250

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What's included this course

All course materials will be delivered by 9th February, and then you'll
have access to all of the below:

Thirteen (13) online videos that includes tutorials, interviews and activities

to support you getting under the bonnet of colour trends so you can start implementing what you are learning straight away, including check lists and swipe files.

Insider interviews with colour forecasting trends industry experts

such as Marianne Shillingford, Dulux UK Senior Creative Director; Joanna Feeley, Founder & MD TrendBible, Mary Sholl (formally of M&S, fashion trend forecaster); Jan Agelink, Futurist; Peggy van Allan, President Colour Marketing Group (CMG) and more.


Interviews with leading industry designers & disrupters

on how they use (or don’t use) colour trends: Leading UK magazine interior stylist Emma Morton-Turner, Renowned UK textile designer Clarissa Hulse and paint industry disrupter YesColours.

Putting it into practise

There are exercises to support you to bring what you're learning to life and how you can apply it to your business straight away.

A curated list of additional resources

Dive into my personal selection of articles, podcasts, talks, worldwide industry events and tradeshows, colour and sustainability standards and much more to support you to delve even deeper into the world of colour trends.

Bonus #1

Engaging a Colour Trend Forecaster

If you are looking to engage a colour trends forecaster, I share tips as well as created a PDF with 20 questions to help you find your perfect colour forecaster.

Bonus #2

Ongoing Q&A access

Inside our private Facebook group you'll not only be able to ask me any question relating to the course, you'll also have access to regular updates on colour trends news and industry insights.

Bonus #3

How to be your own trends spotter

How you can become your own colour trend spotter and look for upcoming trends for you and your clients.

Kh Quotationmark2

"I've found Karen to be exceptionally generous with sharing information, sources and further reading material."

- Ashley Aspin, Painter & Decorator, Colour Consultant, England

Kh Quotationmark2

"Karen is passionate about what she does and shares her knowledge with great generosity. All this with a lot of kindness."

- Joséphine Jubineau, Interior Designer, Belguim

Kh Quotationmark2

"Karen really knows her stuff and beyond!!! Always there to help and support, sharing her passion for colour in a fun and exciting, practical and tangible way, it is incredibly inspiring."

- Alison Rood, Core skills facilitator, England

Frequently Asked Questions

This course is online, so as soon as you have purchased the course, you'll get access and can start straight away.

The great thing about this course it is self-paced, which means you can do it in your own time, at your own pace to fit in with your work and your lifestyle.

Yes you do. There is a dedicated private FB group for you to ask your questions relating to the course content. I’m in there most days to answer them for you and support you.

There is also a feedback form that you can complete if there is anything you would like to see included in the course.

While we appreciate your interest in wanting to share the course with colleagues and friends, the course is intended for individual enrolment only. This is to ensure a personalised learning experience for each participant and to maintain the integrity of the course content.

By all means, tell your colleagues and friends about the course so that they can enrol individually to benefit from the same valuable resources and content.

You'll have lifetime access to the course (for the lifetime the course is available) and you’ll also get access to any updates too!

This course is for industry design professionals who use colour trends in their business and for their clients.

Due to the digital nature of this product and its immediate access, there are no refunds. You can find out more here in the Terms & Conditions of Sale.

The course is available in English only. It is available with English subtitles as well.

Ready to buy?

Everything You Have Ever Wanted to
Know About Colour Trends
by Karen Haller £250

* Please read the Terms & Conditions before purchasing.

If you have any questions about this course and whether it's right for you or any payment problems email me at [email protected].

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