Advanced Colour & Design
Group Mentoring Programme

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Are you a colour & design professional?

Do you make colour recommendations based on standard teachings or sometimes guess work? have you been taught to use your intuition but still have a nagging doubt your colour and design choices may not be right for your client?

Would you like to increase your credibility and confidence by knowing your choices are scientifically based to elicit the behaviours wanted by your clients?

I'd like to introduce you to my Advanced Colour & Design Group Mentoring Programme specialising in Applied Colour & Design Psychology.

There's a whole world of colour knowledge out there so why does it stop at the colour wheel?

If your colour training stopped at the colour wheel and you want to enhance your existing colour knowledge to put you ahead of everyone in your field, this programme is your next big step. The Advanced Colour & Design Group Mentoring Programme takes over where traditional colour training stops. It is also the only course that shows you how to incorporate colour & design psychology into your Biophilic practice.

Advanced Colour & Design Group
Mentoring Programme

Most courses just teach you the theory leaving real learning to happen once you have left. Over the 6-months you will be mentored through the theory and given guidance to implement this on current projects within your own business. Imagine having the certainty that the choices and recommendations you're making to your top clients have been silently supported by an industry expert.

Who this programme is designed for...


Branding, product designer and marketing

We buy from brands (and products) when we feel an emotional connection, when we feel aligned to their message and values. The quickest and easiest way to emotionally connect with your ideal customers is through the use of colour as it's colour that creates the all-important initial emotional connection. Are you reflecting your client's authentic brand personality through the colours and design style chosen AND that they are psychologically triggering the right positive buying response or if they even appeal to the targeted audience?


Architects, Interior designers, Textile designers and Interior Stylists

Do you want to know how to tap into the authentic personality of your client to create a space that truly reflects their personality? To know how to incorporate colour & design psychology to elicit the right emotional behaviours and responses whether for the home, commercial space, the office, hospitals, schools etc. To be able to identify individual colour characteristics to create harmonious colour palettes along with the design style to influence positive feeling and behaviour for positive outcomes.


Make-up Artists and Personal Stylists

This course gives you additional tools to add to your professional toolkit to help your clients look and feel their glowing, natural best, meaning they will feel confident and at ease expressing their authentic self.


Students studying colour & design as part of their course

This programme will enhance your current colour training which is traditionally centred on the colour wheel, giving you advance colour techniques and knowledge as well as design knowledge that will prove invaluable to your course work and put you ahead in your industry.

If you've had standard industry training, or even if you have a talented and intuitive eye, the decisions you're making are likely to not be based on the psychological and behavioural advancements made in colour & design theory over recent years. That's no reflection on your skill or success to date because of course you cannot apply what has not been readily available.

Until now.

Is this course for you?

  • Are you a designer working with: interiors, textiles, product design, branding, products, packaging, graphic design, architecture, retail, healthcare, fashion, beauty or any industry that uses colour?

  • Are you curious about colour & design psychology and add this valuable skill to your business 'toolkit'?

  • Want to upskill on your current colour & design knowledge?

  • Do you want to communicate confidently with clients about colour beyond the colour wheel?

  • Up till now haven't had the time or the finance to invest in a full course?

  • Do you aspire to be a leader in your industry?

  • Are you tired of your clients saying no to whatever you show them and not understanding why?

  • Do you want to learn how you can incorporate colour & design psychology as nature intended into your Biophilic and sustainable practice?

If you're like most creative people you have an intuitive feel for colour & design. Yet, there will be times when a colour palette, a design scheme, the personality of the brand just isn't doesn't seem to come together and you don't know why.

This course will help you to start...

  • Having more meaningful discussions around colour choices and design decisions with your clients instead of endless subjective debates and redesigns

  • Using logical, scientifically based, rationale to back up your colour and design decisions which then makes colour and design measurable

  • Using the four seasonal colour personalities and how they inform the colour palette and the design scheme whether that’s for a person, a brand, a product or a space

  • Being able to put together a harmonious colour palette based on nature with ease. I teach you a completely new system that is a game changer!

  • Incorporating the six design elements needed to create a truly harmonious scheme in balance with nature

  • Making informed decisions on whether a current colour trend is right to use for your client, saving you costly mistakes and redesigns

  • Learning how to use my Nature-led Design Framework to enhance your biophilic and sustainable design principles even further  

  • Moving beyond mood boards to create Behavioural Boards™ to influence the right positive behaviours in any given space or function for positive change and outcomes.

This course isn't for you if you are...

  • Expecting instant results without putting the effort in

  • Looking for some quick fix

  • Looking for a cookie cutter solution

  • If you aren't open to learning something new

  • Looking for a course on healing or spirituality such as (but not limited to) colour therapy, colour healing, chroma therapy, feng shui, chakras or vastu.

This isn't your run-of-the-mill "green means..." and "yellow means..." programme. While it is an introduction, there is a lot of detail that I'll be sharing about colour & design not taught in any traditional colour or design course. As with any programme I can share with you the information, exercises, activities on how you can apply it to your design work and support you – but only you can actually do it.

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Be at the forefront of your industry

As a colour & design professional, this is an opportunity to be at the forefront of your industry by learning and applying the principles of Applied Colour & Design Psychology while it is still the colour expert's best kept secret. Why wouldn't you want to get the edge on all of the competition that's out there?

Like most creative people you have an intuitive feel for colour, yet there will be times when a colour palette, a scheme, the personality of the brand just isn't coming together and you don't know why. I know, I've been there. But since embracing Applied Colour & Design Psychology both through extensive theoretical study and over a decade of practical application I have never found myself in that situation again.

That's why I now want to share and show you how to...

  • Combine your innate colour & design intuition with science of Colour & Design Psychology and Colour Physics to create consistent, reproducible results that are measurable

  • Get consistent results every time, taking the guess work out of choosing colours & design style for your clients

  • Put an end to all those endless subjective debates on what colours & design style should be used 

  • Provide a clear, logical rationale for your colour & design decisions - based on science and experiential data

  • If you work in branding, to be able to align the colour message to those of the brand marketing message, interiors, product - stopping the mix messages that brands are often unknowing sending out 

  • Understand why colour combinations can have very specific effects on an individual or a group of people 

  • Analyse your clients colour & design choices and the meaning behind their preferences and how best to guide them

  • Create Behavioural Boards™ to influence the right positive behaviours in any given space or function for positive change and outcomes.

So what exactly will you learn
that you haven't learned before?

Most courses just teach you the theory leaving real learning to happen once you've left. Over the 6-months you will be mentored through the theory and given guidance to implement this on current projects within your own business.. You'll have real life experience whilst being supported by me. Imagine having the certainty that the choices and recommendations you're making to your clients have been silently supported by an industry expert. Here's the highlights of what's covered in each module...


What is colour?

We base line colour knowledge so everyone starts from the same starting point looking at what colour is, the role light plays, the importance in understanding colour deficiency, colour terminology and debunking the colour myths that unfortunately are still prevalent in the design industry.  


Introduction to colour psychology

We clear up any confusion there is on what exactly is colour psychology, colour symbolism and colour preference as these are often mislabelled and misused and therefore misunderstood. We look at the psychological properties of the 11 main colours and learn about the psychological primaries and their behavioural effects. We also look at our client's relationship with colour, the impact of 'pops of colour' and why there is no such thing as a neutral colour. 


Colour Personality + Design psychology

We look at the harmonious relationship between tonal colour families, personality types and design style. Rarely are designs one dimensional so we also look at how to seamlessly incorporate the primary and secondary personalities and design styles to create the holistic whole of a brand, interior or product. We also look at the key elements of design psychology and the important role this plays in any design scheme especially for biophilic schemes.


Colour harmonies

Identifying colour characteristics and tonal variations as nature intended. Properties and characteristics of colour 'families'. And to how to train your eye to recognise the tonal variations of the different colour families. This training is not included in any Biophilic design course and is key for a truly nature-led scheme.


Introduction to applied colour and design psychology

We'll be bringing together colour physics with colour psychology and how that can evoke consistently reproducible, predictable, psychological responses with measurable results. I'll be sharing with you my Colour & Design Psychology Framework "The Haller Method™" that I have developed over many years from working with clients, companies and designers from many industries around the world. Plus you get to my help putting your colour & design consultation process together. 


Applying colour physics and colour psychology

Learn how to create and use the Behavioural Board™, incorporating the psychological colour wheel, creating specific colour combinations to create behavioural effects. Plus we'll be looking at how to identify and manage the personality power struggle that can arise when making colour & design decisions between two or more people.

How does the programme work?

Each month you receive an online tutorial with a workbook containing a number of activities for you to work through so you can immediately apply what you have learnt.

Each online tutorial includes support from me in the private Facebook group and in the monthly Q&A call.

That's the summary, here are all of the details. On this six month programme you'll receive:

  • Six (6) online teaching tutorials (modules) including case studies, exercises and activities

  • Additional Resources section for each module curated for you with links to books, videos and articles to delve even deeper into the fascinating world of Applied Colour & Design Psychology 

  • And to support your learning you'll receive a comprehensive monthly workbook which includes exercises, activities and case studies to help you embed the learning. It doubles as your quick reference tool too 

  • Access to the private Facebook group where you'll have your questions answered personally by me and where you can also share your thoughts and ideas with other colour & design professionals from around the world

  • This is supported by a live group Q&A call on the 3rd Wednesday of each month (one per month) which are led and supported by me.

    Come to these calls with any questions you have whether to learn how to apply it to your own project, or a tricky customer/client question you have, or situation you're in - you have the help and support from myself and your course members. That's the beauty of this programme you're able to apply it to your own project work, and bring any questions to the Q&A calls.

  • The Group Q&A call recording which you have access to for life (lifetime of the course) so that you can listen back to whenever you wish

  • Access to the entire course for life (lifetime of the course) including all the course updates

  • A Knowledge Review is given at the end of the programme which is designed to determine how well you've understood the basic concepts and principals of Applied Colour & Design Psychology as covered on the programme and to highlight areas you may wish to further review which is discussed on the Knowledge Review call with me. 

  • Featured on the Find A Consultant page upon successful course completion and passing the Knowledge Review. 

I really encourage you to join me with the intention to making back your investment in the programme from new client work within the 6 month period - then you have these skills for the lifetime of your business!

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“Karen really knows her stuff and beyond!!! Always there to help and support, sharing her passion for colour in a fun and exciting, practical and tangible way, it is incredibly inspiring. Doing this course will put you streets ahead of your peers and win over lots of clients and more business.”

- Alison Rood, IT Team Building Coach, England

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“This has given me that extra level of understanding and competence which has in turn given me more confidence when dealing with clients.”

- Kate Lovejoy, Residential Interior Designer, England

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“Colour plays such a huge role in our lives day to day - here you discover how and why, and its importance.”

- Becks Neale, Brand Consultant/Graphic Designer, England

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“Come to this course with an open mind, a willingness to learn things a new way because what you are about to learn is literally a game changer. It will challenge what you thought you already know.”

- Ashley Aspin, Residential Colour Consultant, England

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“Karen is very accessible and passionate about her job. It’s not just an online course where you are alone with your questions, but a continuous exchange that pushes you to reflect and to challenge yourself. I am personally thrilled to have this new knowledge and regret not having had it before!”

- Joséphine Jubineau, Residential Interior Designer, Belgium

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“I would recommend this course if you’re ready to dig deeper and learn how to use colour & design psychology properly. This is the course where you will develop your skill in the subject, enjoy and benefit.”

- Emilia Luczyk, Residential Interior Design, Poland

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“It is worth studying colour & design psychology if you want to understand people, their needs and transform this into a supporting design for them. It is a joy to explore this area with Karens support and guidance, explaining all she can about the world and effects of colour and design on humans and their behaviours and colour choices.”

- Zuzana Hlinkova, Architect, Slovakia

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"The programme is amazing, the course content is fascinating and it's testament to all the years of research that Karen has done. No traditional design course will teach you this level of applied colour & design psychology knowledge!”

- Alice Fulton, Residential Colour Consultant, Scotland

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"Karen has taken me on a magical journey into the amazing world of colour. She really knows her subject inside out."

- Amanda Caley, Property Stager/Show Home Stylist, England

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"This is the best course I have ever done, it has given me so much knowledge and information on colour, a world I understood instinctually on some level, but now I have a deep and comprehensive knowledge base to call on."

- Bea Christie, Interior Designer, Scotland

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"Your colour training certainly has changed my life!"

- Rebecca Randall, Rebecca Randall Colour & Design, England

Kh Quotationmark2

"I feel more confident in suggesting colours to clients particularly those colours I previously would have steered away from."

- Anon., Interior Designer

Kh Quotationmark2

"From this course I found myself with 3 new clients chomping at the bit to have me consult for their homes."

- Lucy Curtis, Painter & Decorator, Colour Consultant, England

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"If you want to learn more about colour and how to make informed colour choices in your work and personal life then this course is an excellent starting place."

- Amanda Caley, Property Stager/Show Home Stylist, England

I’m Karen Haller, and I’d love to be your mentor

Over the 20+ years I’ve been working with colour I’ve had so many designers come to me and say that their colour training started and ended with the colour wheel, and they instinctively knew there was more.

They also knew that they wanted to back up their intuition with logic and rationale so they could have better conversations with their clients.

And that’s why I created the Advanced Colour & Design Mentoring Programme, so I could teach designers around the world the science and psychology behind colour and use it to create real, lasting change for their clients.

Because colour isn’t just an aesthetic addition, it has the power to positively impact our mental health, wellbeing, or business bottom line.

That’s why I’m on a mission to empower designers around the world with the skills to confidently and expertly use colour to create transformational change no matter what industry they work in.

And it is a joy to watch my students grow in their colour confidence, speed up their design time, reduce client misunderstandings and deliver designs they clients love - every time.

As for things I love, colour is my greatest passion, but alongside that I love pottering in my garden, being in nature or having travel adventures.

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Frequently Asked Questions

I take in new students to this course on the 1st of the month (or the first working day of the month).

The great thing about this course is that you can do it in your own time, at your own pace to fit in with your work and your lifestyle. There is a Facebook group and a live monthly Q&A call on Zoom where you get your questions answered by me. 

Yes you do. There is a dedicated private FB group for you to ask your questions. I’m in there most days to answer them for you and support you. There is also a live monthly Q&A call on Zoom where I answer your questions. 

I recommend to set aside a minimum of 2 hours per week for the course content, exercises, activities etc.  However, to really get the most out of this course, is when you apply it into your everyday life and into your working day. This is where the real learning happens.

Yes you will have lifetime access to the course as long as I'm running the course. You’ll also get access to any course updates too!

There is an application process for this course and a follow-on call for you and I to discuss the direction you are looking to take your business and from there we can see if this course is the right fit for you and your business. Once you have started and you feel the course isn't right for you, then all you need to do is let me know and we can look at what the best course of action is.

No, unfortunately there are no subtitles in any language. The course is available in English only.

Yes you do. A Certificate of completion in 'Advanced Colour Methods for Industry Professionals - Stage 1 – Foundation course' is awarded upon successful completion of all course exercises and a pass mark of 75% or over.

circleicongroup certificate white

You will be awarded

A Certificate of completion in 
'Advanced Colour Methods for Industry Professionals - Stage 1 – Foundation course' upon successful completion of the programme.

How do I apply?

Before either of us can make a decision about whether this truly is the best advancement for you and your business, the next step is to complete a simple questionnaire and then we can look to book in a call to discuss your past, current and future plans for building on your expertise and of course, I'll answer any questions you may have regarding the programme.

So, if you are a colour or design industry professional and want the reassurance and credibility of having the latest theories and practice at your fingertips then...

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